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Dr. Melman, a 1987 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, has maintained his practice in the Back Bay of Boston for 20 years. He achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in Evolutionary Biology from University of Connecticut in 1978 and a Masters Degree in Insect Ecology from Colorado State University in 1981. His first two years as a chiropractor were in Cambridge. Jonathan has maintained his practice in Copley Square ever since.

Jonathan loves being a chiropractor and his diverse background and experiences have allowed him to create a unique and special practice.

Jonathan matches his technique to the patient’s needs and draws on 23 plus years of clinical experience. These techniques include multiple chiropractic adjustment methods, Graston Technique ®, active release, ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, stretching, massage and whole body vibration.

With an emphasis on soft tissue rehabilitation and wellness care, Dr. Melman has assembled a great team to meet your neuro-musculoskeletal needs. 

Dr Jonathan Melman Chiropractic Services in Boston 02116